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NOTE: I no longer make personal angel investments. If your business uses data to create competitive advantage, see IA Ventures.

I formed IA Capital Partners to hold my personal angel investments. My angel portfolio focuses primarily on financial technology and digital media, and almost all of my portfolio companies generate valuable data/metadata which can be re-purposed, re-used and sold.

IA Capital Portfolio

Exits (Acquirer), Year of Investment

Spotlight Data (Metastorm), 2007
New York Angels.

MyTrade (TD Ameritrade), 2007
Howard Lindzon, angels.

Wallstrip (CBS), 2007
Fred Wilson, angels. 

Invite Media (Google), 2008
First Round Capital, Genacast Ventures, Comcast Interactive Capital.

Beacon Trust Company (Provident Financial), 2005
Position acquired through the acquisition of Clear Asset Management in 2008. Angels.

TweetDeck (Twitter), 2009
Betaworks, angels.

Buddy Media (Salesforce), 2007
The Buddy Media Platform empowers brands and agencies with the tools and technology needed to easily control their social media efforts. Now brands and agencies can efficiently launch, maintain and measure their social media efforts – all in one easy-to-use interface. From publishing offers on a Facebook Wall to measuring your Twitter share of voice, the Buddy Media Platform cuts through the noise of social marketing and makes social work. Softbank Capital, Greycroft Ventures and IVP. European Founders Fund, Bay Partners, Peter Thiel, Mark Pincus.

Active Investments, Year of Investment

TheLadders.com, 2004
Offers online job search resources and content for the $100k+ job seekers and recruiters. Its specialized job search engines are an invaluable asset to top-earning job seekers in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Law, Technology, Operations and allother $100k+ fields. Matrix Ventures.

Global Bay Mobile Technologies, 2005

A SaaS-based on-demand platform delivering flexible mobile solutions for inspections, surveys and custom applications. Angels.

Mimeo.com, 2005
On-demand printing and binding, exactly the way you want it. Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DFJ Gotham Ventures, HarbourVest, Goldman Sachs Private Equity Partners.

Mashery, 2007
The leading provider of web services and API management solutions enabling software-driven companies to unlock and accelerate their web services channel. New York Angels, Dave McClure, Marc Benioff, First Round Capital, Formative Ventures, .406 Ventures, Cisco, OpenView Venture Partners.

Cinchcast (formerly BlogTalkRadio), 2007
A platform that extends the blog, allowing any individual to host a live blogshow online. The service is free to all users, plus hosts earn half of all revenue generated by their blogshow. Guggenheim Partners, Kraft Group, angels.

Clickable, 2007
Leverages proprietary technologies to monitor search marketing campaign performance, providing actionable alerts and analytics that allow advertisers to maximize their advertising ROI. Union Square Ventures, FirstMark Capital, Spark Capital, Monster Ventures, Schoffstall Ventures.

Covestor, 2007
A real-trade sharing service for proven self-investors, designed to share your real investment decisions, gain recognition and earn fees by helping others. All data is private, normalized and anonymous, and membership is free. Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Amadeus Capital.

Recognia, 2007
Develops and distributes proprietary technology for chart pattern recognition and price forecasting. The pattern recognition technology is capable of recognising patterns in the price charts of any publicly traded financial instrument including stocks, bonds, funds, commodities, currencies and indexes. Rockport Capital, Cirrus Capital, New York Angels.

OrganizedWisdom, 2007
The first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health. OrganizedWisdom continues to bring innovation to online health care by leveraging social media and the power of collaboration technologies to improve the quality of health search. ETF Ventures, Esther Dyson.

Zoo Games, 2007
A NY-based developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for use on all major platforms. Knight’s Bridge Capital, angels.

TubeMogul, 2008
TubeMogul is a video advertising and analytics platform that connects advertisers with highly targeted audiences. TubeMogul’s advertising solution is powered by the company’s unprecedented data platform that tracks billions of video streams every month from the Internet’s top publishers. This unique technology enables TubeMogul to help advertisers find consumers who want to watch their videos - and watch them longer. Advertisers and marketers never again have to choose engagement and accountability over reach if they use TubeMogul’s video advertising and analytics platform. Knight’s Bridge Capital, Trinity Ventures and Foundation Capital.

Zoomino, 2008
Powered by the cutting edge artificial intelligence systems, Zoomino finds the top concepts on any web page and mark them with virtual links. Virtual links activate contextual apps that bring relevant web contents and services right onto the same page to speed up your research, or quench your curiosity. Angels.

Business Insider, 2008
Covers the intersection of the technology, media, and communications industries, with a focus on companies and people making waves in New York.  Specifically, SAI provides news, commentary, and discussion about digital publishing, entertainment, news, music, social networking, mobile, and gaming.  Kohlberg Ventures, RRE, angels.

Kinetic Global Markets, 2008
Systematic alpha generation at the intersection of Computational Finance, Textual Analytics and alternative data. Jim Pallotta, ICM, IA Ventures.

StockTwits, 2008
Facilitates idea-sharing around stocks on Twitter, simply by including a $ sign in front of a ticker symbol. Think Twitter + RSS + tumblr. True Ventures, Foundry Group, Betaworks, angels.

Selerity, 2009

A real-time data acceleration platform, linking businesses with breaking events: earnings releases, corporate actions, macroeconomic data, etc. Strategic partners.

Alphacet, 2009
Develops innovative software tools that help quantitative analysts, traders and portfolio managers create consistent alpha, or absolute, returns. Alphacet Discovery is the only complete Straight Through Processing platform for advanced quantitative strategy development and deployment. Saturn Ventures.

Magnetic, 2009
Magnetic (formerly known as Domdex) allows marketers to target display advertisements with the efficacy of search.  The combination of Magnetic’s familiar SEM interface, industry leading privacy technology, universal third-party ad integration and the data providers’ high new-user and conversion rates enables easy precise targeting of a user in purchase mode with a product-specific display ad and landing page. Magnetic finally brings search ad revenue beyond the search engine. Charles River Ventures, NYSeed, Founder Collective, Coriolis Ventures.

Bit.ly, 2009
bit.ly allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). bit.ly can be accessed through its website, bookmarklets, and a robust and open API. bit.ly is also integrated into several popular third-party tools such as Twitter and Tweetdeck. Unique user-level and aggregate links are created, allowing users to view complete, real-time traffic and referrer data, as well as location and metadata. Betaworks, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, RRE, angels.

Ticketfly, 2009
An online ticketing and marketing platform that increases efficiency and offers next-generation ticketing functionality and sophisticated marketing and community tools. It’s mission is to be the most innovative provider of ticketing and marketing software for event promoters, and an important online consumer destination in the live music space. High Peaks Venture Partners, Contour Ventures, NYSeed, Mohr Davidow.

Vaultive, 2009
Stealth Internet security start-up. Mark Gerson, angels.

OrcaOne, 2009
Connects social interactive media to their audiences, and manages the data about behavioral and financial transactions between them. Metamorphic Ventures, KPG Ventures.

AdSafe Media, 2009
Protects brand equity by mitigating risk of damaging brand adjacencies, reduces costs and improves response rates to campaigns across the web. Coriolis Ventures, Founder Collective, Atlas Ventures.

Cloverhill Enterprises, 2009
Cloverhill is a start-up, stealth mode search engine optimization company. High Peaks Venture Partners, Village Ventures.

Solve Media, 2009
Solve Media (formerly known as AdCopy) provides a proprietary online advertising system—the TYPE-IN™—designed to create new and highly-effective opportunities for brands to advertise online. The system leverages CAPTCHA authentication for brand messaging to bring unprecedented consumer engagement. First Round Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, AOL Ventures.

oneforty, 2010
oneforty gives you access to the very best tools that make Twitter valuable. oneforty help developers reach the Twitter community and keep providing the innovations that make Twitter better for all. oneforty is the place to find, rate, collect and share the best tools for you, and to tell the world what you’re accomplishing with Twitter. Flybridge Capital Partners, Javelin Venture Partners.

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